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OPTIS Europe Limited (OEL) has an inherent understanding of upstream gas production, processing, transmission, and storage industry operations. Such understanding and knowledge comes from the extensive experience of our personnel who have operated and maintained gas production & processing facilities, gas pipelines and gas storage facilities through all phases of life-cycle development in numerous geographic locations around the world.

For some client operations we provide ongoing operations resource and support to operate, maintain, optimise and improve facility operational functions on a continuing basis. This intrinsic involvement with gas industry operations enables us to build and maintain current our wealth of knowledge, insight and operational experience – all elements that help us to fully understand the drivers for gas industry operations, distribution & trading services, as well as industry regulatory body compliance requirements. Through such involvement we continue to ensure that we deliver effective, integrated operating solutions that make a beneficial difference to the full range of gas industry operations worldwide.

At OPTIS Europe Limited we know from client feedback that we deliver innovative, value adding solutions that exceed the exacting requirements of our client in ways that consulting organisations are unable to emulate. This favourable position has come about as a result of working closely with our clients as partners, seeking at all times to listen, learn and then to really understand the problems and challenges that they are faced with. It is from this understanding and through the use of OEL pooled knowledge, experience and the expertise of our teams that we draw upon that enables us to provide effective solutions to the wide array of operations related challenges faced by gas industries operations.

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